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lol , brill ..I think the huns fans have taken it worse than Hearts or Partick :)
Only peepo opinion is valid in their version of democratic unionism.

Landslide voting that does not fit the peepo choice makes it unfair.

Only a rigged voting system that has extreme bias to any new innovations that peepo decide are valid.

9 to 1 peepo on administration team means its rigged coz that 1 opinion is papish. And that means a tyranny against the peepo.

Even if you are a fair minded Peepo, if you vote against the unionists then your a tarrier pape. And an investigation into that extreme bias against 10-0 peepo bias is a rigged system. Who let the tarrier pape vote?

Erm the biased system full of ra peepo voted against your version of fair. It musta been the pape manipulator who pulling the strings.

Nothing fair is fair to ra peepo. If you vote against their right to superiority then your a bigot.



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After reading "Lord" Clarks conclusions it brought me right back to the Nimmo and Lennon scandal..Nimmo one being, that he couldnt see a "sporting advantage" from a team cheating to buy players they otherwise couldnt afford by side letter payments that were illegal with No tax paid on these payments..Lennon scandal being Lennon getting attacked at Tynecastle but a jury of 13 people from Edinburgh found Wilson "not proven"even though millions witnessed the assault.. QC Paul McBride, who acted for Lennon in the past, said at the time: "It's a day of shame for Scottish justice."

Clark bent over backwards to help Hearts and Partick Thistle but ironically the law beat him..He had to put it to arbitration as his hands were tied..A Rangers supporting friend of mine conceded that Clark was in his mind , from "good stock" before his judgement..Partick i feel some sympathy towards and i feel they deserve compensation.Hearts on the other hand deserve NOTHING. Davie McKinnon revealed in minutes of a zoom meeting" Scot Gardiner told a Championship Zoom call that he was working with Hearts and ‘Rangers’ to create a Null and Void outcome to the SPFL season. "

I dont care if its arbitration or an open court..Any judge or court that tries to reverse a democratic vote by 42 clubs will face a tsunami .People fought wars to protect democracy and another WAR could be coming to any judge or court if a democratic vote is reversed..We place our trust in the law of the land for fairness but we have seen injustices like above, happen before..But trying to reverse a democratic vote MUST not be allowed to happen !!
Well now it has been thrown out ,


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Could never feel sorry for the Edinburgh huns ,fuck them and their supporters
Its not the particular teams, its the general position. had it been Motherwell or st Mirren who were bottom of league through playing gash then I would feel a bit for the position they found themselves in. I think they deserved to be relegated but I feel wee bit sorry for the predicament. But somebody had to go down to allow the best team in lower league through good football results to be rewarded with current position they had earned.

Shame they ran out of time, but time doesn't stop for viruses. Had sevco been top when game was called off, would sevco fans be declaring it void?


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They claim 54 titles that a different club won. Would Sevco be all heated about nullifying league if they had been miles clear with very little chance to be caught?

Well if they claim sevco won 54 titles they never even participated in, why would they want to void a league they did participate in?

Maybe because they are narcissistic self harmers who blame other people for their inability to accept their masters killed their beloved institution.

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The dirty huns plus Tom English, Ewan Murray etc would have plenty to say if SPFL didnt want the findings to be made public..Why do Hearts,Partick thistle want the findings kept private??..Surely the two clubs were all for transparency ..Maybe it tells about Parks threats To Doncaster ??? Scott Gardiner null and void plans ??Rangers water pistol dossier ???..Raith Rovers Bill Clark said last night "i understand the reasons for them wanting to block its release".. I hope someone leaks it :)

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