As it's the daft silly summer season...


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#1's a few daft / apocryphal stories about the tic!

Most years in the early 90s, I still thought we'd win the league.

A year after he signed for Blackburn I said to my mate, "dont see much of Charlie Mulgrew, is he out injured?".

Apparently Henrik smoked cigarettes.

As a kid I was told that Ronnie Glavin, allegedly, burnt down his sport shop. Obviously for the insurance, but my wee mind couldn't understand why you would burn your own shop down!!

Paul Telfer, apparently didnt like or watch football!

Wee Mojo wore long sleeves to cover the jag marks on his arm from his drug taking!!

Owen Coyle used to play for the hoops.

Frank Connor, when celtic manager, never lost a game.

Charlie Nicholas never passed a ball to Frank McGarvey. I loved Frank.

Rod the mod Stewart used to support Rangers.

And I always thought that Sinead O'Connor was dead, (not celtic related just daft).

Any others....


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Honestly, if you watch the game again...2nd half there’s an incident when Morris crosses into the box & Scott Nesbitt chest it down in his own box & McAvennie almost scores, you see Anton making his way into the box but slips on a banana ( sadly thrown on to Walters).
He’d a heart of gold our Anton 🍀