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Sturgeon rolls her eyes when she's asked about the huns breaking the rules in George square and everywhere else for that matter. .."I don't want to stand here and talk about football again I haven't seen the detail so can't really comment on what your saying but i am sure a stringent internal investigation will be carried out to the satisfaction of the SFA. .although I don't know anything about football let me be the first to congratulate rangers for their achievements during covid's quite unbelievable that we didn't get to the stage of using a red card. I'll pass you on to our expert in football and clinical transmission Jason Leech" .."Thanks first minister as you say I know ma fitba. .I'm on off the ball every week on radio rangers and should be taken seriously. you know the virus has many different strains and spreads rapidly among crowds of people however in this case that did not happen as Dilligaf points out these fuckers are not people and are mutants and therefore are granted immunity by all the authorities ...Next question "

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