Axed till August Fear, a Solution - 14 team, 39 games league, no split and Glasgow Cup Final


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And this from real people who matter and give more than they need to, but do it for the people they care for.

πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Outstanding!

For a man who is himself in the highest at risk group to come out of retirement to look after the wellbeing of others, words can't do this man justice but they're all we have......what a kind, selfless, honourable human being!

Guys like Dr Egan contribute far far more to society than 99% of politicians ever could!


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Yep thats what i think and stress is the barometer, panic shopping = stress = low immune systems = open to transmissed viruses.
Brought up 5 kids on one income, no different from this madness, the corona people complainining about things been in shortage, one income family no shortage just cannot have them, two sides of the same coin, take it easy and sensibly.
Sorry Boab, but I think that this is a bit different from being a bit overstretched on your budget, this is life threatenng


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Just popped in to hope all of you fuckers are ok. Keep yourselves safe and if you are able, volunteer in anyway you can to help the most at risk. Staying in is vital, but we must realise that people need help at this time and those who can step up. Look after yourselves, especially those with health issues. HH


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Today's decision to postpone football matches has thrown our leagues into chaos

Lenny stated that if the League was not to resume then it should be awarded to Celtic and the HUNS are going nuts claiming it is still mathematically possible for them to overtake us no matter how unlikely that is

If the eague's do not resume the answer is simple

Takes Clubs' total points divide them by games they have already played and multiply X 38

Not a perfect outcome but pretty fair considering it takes into account Club's performances since the beginning of the season Average Goal Difference can also be used if necessary

Reverting back to how POOLS PANELS would operate entering fictitious results to determine the outcomes of games may also be an option however that relays too much on someone's opinion whereas average points from already played matches uses Form and statistics

No doubt not everyone will be happy about whatever outcome this would throw up but voiding the entire season would be nonsensical How would they decide who plays in Champions League / Europa League or whatever next season ?

Sorry Bill but you're forgetting the new fond "sporting integrity" that abounds in our football leagues.

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