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He hasn't had much to do, then again he hasn't done anything wrong. He does, however, have sterner tests ahead. If BR plays him against Valencia then he IS our No1.
I would put him in against valencia , it's a game not many expect us to win and the leagues more important ,give him the experience and see how it stands him

i might be wrong just as i was when we put Rab Douglas between the sticks

The difference between him and Gordon is he can playit calmly from the back and is 2 passes ahead of Gordon but Gordon can pull of some cracking saves where as Bain hasn't been much tested in huge games

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If you weigh up the pros and cons between Bain and gorgon, then in my eyes, Bain wins hands down. Ok Gordon is a good shot stopper, but he's far too slow playing out from the back and holds up the attack. Plus he is prone to stupid mistakes. Bain on the other hand moves the ball at pace. His passing is pinpoint, plus he's like an extra defender. Any time he has been called upon he has pulled off numerous good saves. Bain hands down number one.

The Shamrock

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Hail Hail, Shammy, I was going too do a post on Bain, but have the Grandkids staying for the foreseeable & looking after 2 sets of twins means my time on line is limited.

I came across this article while browsing the BBC Sport, it's interesting reading, personally I think Big Craigs time as Celtic No1 is over.
Those stats tell the true story, TT and probably why he'll retain the the gloves v Valencia.