Best Celtic player yer faither ever seen!


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My 'auld' man played junior football with Glasgow the late 1940's and early 1950's,he had 2 spells with them due to national service,
He told me he killed loads of soldiers,but they were on his side, he was a cook!,
His playing career was'nt great,his position was right half,but,he could'nt tackle,he could'nt pass, he could'nt receive a pass,he could'nt score,
but he could foul (his name was Adam,his nickname was Madman! probably cos's he wiz a Possil bhoy! tweet tweet!) and had a deadly long throw,i had all of his attributes except for the long throw!.
His favourite player was Charlie Tully,he would come home after the pub/match/pub, with my uncles and regale us with, Charlie did this,or Charlie did that,or, Charlie couldnae be bothered the day,i found that strange,i asked him what he meant, he said 'sometimes Charlie gets bored playing against mortals'!

Same as Michael,He used to turn up at Blantyre Celtic when my Da was groundsman if anyone was on the field training He wasn't above joining in Da always said he was a true gent always asked how he and the family were a few today could follow his lead


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Talking aboot Tam Gemmell....a dinny think we've ever had a better left back until KT come along :unsure:
Maybe, Shame he allowed the rat to talk him into thinking there’s something better out there apart from the club he loves. I’m sure his family would have been more than looked after with the money Celtic would have gave him over the years. That said, he’s got a right to do what he thinks what is best for his career. He should have left the old green brigade stuff alone though if he already had one eye out the door.

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