Best Morelos commentary ever

michael duffy

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From Chris union Jack-" BREAKING: Alfredo Morelos horror injury puts move to Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Fiorentina, Juventus, Athletic Bilbao, Lille, Leverkusen, Porto, Beijing Rehne, Everton, Aston Villa, West Brom, Bordeaux & Marseille in doubt!!!!! ma phuqin sides!!!!!!! 🍺 🥳 hey Chris ye missed oot Lille!!!!


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Tackle wisnae that bad ,had worse skelfs in work
Was that bad Slippy said he will be alright for the midweek game, basically its just a case of if they do not like a ref and want a placeman make the most of a situation, Clancy has Morelosses number and is not afraid to caution the wee shite or send him off, for the lurkers we are too fucking wide for you plonkers.
Slippy at the victim blame game again If that was Alfredo he would be cationed or sent off, aye right. Was a decent tackle the guy won the ball and then Alfie had a delayed action when he felt a bit of pain, no-one called it until he sat down greeting.



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What people don't hear due to the commentary is the real reason Alfie stayed down
As he goes for the tackle you.can hear a shout of "Alfie chippie is open"
He got a bump to the leg but was stretchered off due to feeling week and faint.
All of a sudden Alfie is victim and Dundee Utd hammer throwers, no scene made about Eddie when he went to tannadice and the raking of the shins or the tackles on Broonie that led to Broonies booking at the goal when he gave Utd the get it up yous fist.
Shower of fannies.