BFDJ in title warning to us!!!!!


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Right time to put this to rest, this shower have been hanging on to our coat tails to long, we are now reaching the business end of the season,sure we have a few bumps along the way, not many, but means we should be well clear of the rest,!all the hard stuff has been surely done ,we can only throw it away, would say the next 3/4 games are cup finals for us ,feck sake let’s get this done , no slip ups ,give them any glimmer of hope, crap on them from a high altitude,com on the hoops , let’s finish this NOW ,hh


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Spot on Ray, let’s get league wrapped up as soon as and stick it to them.
Yes mod,starting tomorrow at Dundee,now down to Lenny,we have a job to do!!!!killy if they get their act together can get a result,it is all top six they have to play from now on,we have tomorrow and then Livingston at home ,another six points I have no doubt!!!hh


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Now is the time,Tomorrow the day, dens the place. No more ground to give, get it up them,finish the game quick smart.
The Skelp the Fuck out of them at Paradise.
BFDJ can then spend the rest of the Season,
Telling the horde that next year will be better.
NFL needs to put out the 2 strikers every game. And get stuck the fuck into them.
So mon the Hoops.

HH ☘️
Love the type2 Diabetes slaver bag. He's the Epitome of the 'the peepul self-Entitled mentality. FORGET facts,forget reality, we got demoted,we got relegated, it was the holding company that got liquidated ( no separation) if that's an Ambassador for your Club you deserve everything that comes your way. Love the heart attack on swollen DVT legs.😁