Big Ange back and ready


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Can't wait for the new season to start love listening to ange talk about the team and what his plans are.hes not a man who rests on his laurels I expect to see a few more people coming in.also jota will be playing at celtic Park this season he's felt the passion.

John n贸

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No wonder Ange is looking so relaxed at the moment, and has got plenty of reason to also imo.
Seems to be working on a potential 25/30 man squad imo, which in turn wouldn't leave to many places available to fill that quota as such.
Great to see the younger players like Monty and scales given the opportunity still to develop to hopefully getting to a standard now of hoping to get to the required standard to warrant a place within the 1st team squad in the future.
Under Ange we are starting to see real progress with how a club like ours should be ran in the football department as it has remained idle in those terms for way to long, especially with the amount of loan signings we were using but never really built any stability within the club as such, and left us on the merry go round every summer.
Most relaxing transfer window I can recall for many a long year, yet decent work already been done with plenty more still to come