Blind faith in our manager

seven past niven

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Think it was acceptance back then Lubo, 9 in a row was a record,10,was well, 'it couldnae last forever',but going for 10 now is monumental,it's history,it's what gives players legendary status,stories for us fans to pass down to the generations to come,my saddest feeling today is, it does'nt seem to matter to anyone at Celtic,it only means something to us fans. HH Lubo ๐Ÿบ
i remember our first nine in a row very well as probably one of our oldest members i go back to the 1950s watching the hoops. we only played each other twice a season and in the september game in 1974 we lost 2-1 to the huns but in the new year game we lost 3-0 at ipox . looking back at that time you cold sense that something wasn't right we were running out of steam and although we won the scottish cup in 75, it was obvious something wasn't right fast forward to today and an old familiar malaise seems to be setting in whether it be the board, the players or the manager it needs to be addressed quickly or we are in danger of repeating the mistakes of the past

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Lennon has done nothing to prove he can motivate this squad. Since the rhat left and he has taken over as manager, sevco have dominated most games against us. Lennon WILL start the same team against the sheep as a massive fuck you to the lot of us again, maybe changing eddy with klimala. The same midfield will start. The same defence will start. We better hope the scum collapse because under lennon that's the only way we win 10IAR. In my fucking opinion.
Spot on Lubo

According to Saul

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You're spot on. His inability to get our guys fired up and in their faces is a mind fuck. He absolutely will stick with the same midfield even though it's broken with Ntcham who rarely turns up and tries to justify Broonies place by waiting for him to have a "good game" and state that we can't be without Broonies influence. Not fekn having anybody tell me Broonies inclusion is vital to the team. More often than not he's hindering us. He continues to try playing Ellie just behind a lone striker and we've yet to see evidence of this tactic paying off.
Agree with most of the things you say but I can't believe the flack Broony gets, he seems to me the only one in the team who can win a tackle.Its been said many times Stevie, Lennon was the cheap option and it shows also, who buys our players?


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brown is very good anchor but he needs options near him to do the fast accurate passing

if he too far from player he rarely connects his pass

So we need a CM to do what he cant do

and we have many

but they are too far from him to make the midfield function correctly

Brown is great player

charisma, steel, drive tackles

but he is very weak on passing but I dont think he knows that

and its clearer and clearer in my mind lennon doesn't understand the vital role of passing in centre of park, despite being a cm with defensive awareness and bite

he always had another near him to give the 10 or 20 yard pass after he won ball

ntcham too far forward when he comes back he told to move forward, lol

Our midfield is not playing midfield

which means distribution to all areas is rank at minute