Blue on blue


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'' After a strenuous background check , a network of reliable bears have provided evidence that these two noses are bluer than most , and their hearts are true .''

FFS !! Has anyone contacted Netflix about these guys - this has the makings of a comedy series to rival Fawlty Towers !

Their hearts are true but their mooths urnae allowed on the airways say the onion bears. What a bunch of self entitled Orange ingrates. This is comedy gold, leave it the-fuck-alone.


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Huns are turning on each other.View attachment 7137
Oh f*kn super superb πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† "stop it yous ya bunch a mugs kin ye no see everybody's laughing at yous? At us? At all of us? Naw that's it nae mair, I'm sorry but yous are a joke and a laughing stock, and just because us the club are also a joke and a laughing stock especially the manager ,who assures us he'll take responsibility for that,because it's his fault the players are shi*e . Doesnae mean that were gony staund idly by and watch oor clubs history be reduced to nuffin mair than a joke ,all 7n a bit years of it. So yeez ur aff the air right!! And dinnae make is send doon traynor πŸ’€