Just heard Boyatas out for 3 weeks with a hamstring injury big loss for us with the Salzburg game comin up.Hope Simunovic can step up to the plate and show he's good enough to be at our club .


I’d keep boyata in a heart beat now i just wish we could spend the cash on benkovic too.

But when the boyata pish went down i could have throttled him for his disrespect considering BR put himself on the line for him week in week out.

However, that said, i think there were other elements or bad examples in the mix and i genuinely think BR believes boyata otherwise why would BR make a cunt of himself. Doesn’t make sense.

Im more than inclined now, now that time has passed and he’s playing brilliantly and is dependable, to believe if BR thinks he’s cool then I reckon i too can believe in him.

I do hope he signs but if not then thats football and we move on.

HH ☘️

The Shamrock

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I think Boyata was badly misguided by his low-life agent who seemed to be more interested in what he could get out of Dedryck being transferred.
I certainly slated his behaviour and often enough his poor performances but I'm glad he's proved me and thousands of others wrong and now the bhoy's done good. I still think it's possible that he could be sold on, if not this transfer window then the next. Peter Lawwell doesn't like to miss a chance of adding to the coffers.
It would be brilliant business to retain Benko but I think he might be too expensive and might not actually be for sale either.

michael duffy

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think your right about boyata's agent shamrock,the big man come's over as a really modest down to earth guy,we can only hope, but benko's too good for the spl, another season on loan maybe,but wishful thinkin ah think.


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Boyata has been a professional and has turned into a top class player. He can do better than a likely relegated premiership team with just a little more time, if he can forgive us.

Henry can still develop but he's certainly not ready but who better than Rodgers to try and get it out of him.
I disagree pal. Apparently " his head wasn't in the right space " when we needed him in the CL. Not professional to me. I'm not saying he's not been solid of late.