Brazil and Phil say 'trouble at mill'


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And another I right in saying the Huns are currently in the process of liquidation and as of yet they have not been officially liquidated?

If so, why is it taking so long?

Is there a legitimate reason.....or is there more to it?
There are still files required for various claims wavetower and the case with the Police and admin guys, so nothing will be destroyed just yet.

seven past niven

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of course any sensible person who ever went to school knows that the board at ipox is analogous
to the back end of a pantomime horse and that the great unwashed who buy into their propaganda is as thick as they are until they faced the hoops they had not faced one single team worthy of the name and their limitations were ruthlessly exposed for the imposters that they are


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This week is the week the court wilk give its rulings recording compo for SDI v SQUINTY & CO. Rumours saying £15-20mil. Hummel training ground could be repoed if admin button is pressed.

Also apparently a leaked Staduim Survey is doing the rounds,

1} Electrical Systems throughout the Staduim are in poor condition through lack of regular maintenance.

2} Possible issue with asbestos, being use on heating ducting throughout Staduim.

3} Issue with joints on support beams on Copeland & Broomloan Road stands roofs at mainstand side, also issue in Sandy Jardine Stand at the corners where extra seats got put in.

Allegedly theres mutch more in this report
that can cause major headaches for the people who run the club, Health & Safety would have a field day if any if this report gets leaked to the public domain.
Tick Tock goes the Admin ⏲

Get yer 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍾🍾🍾🍿🍿🍿


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The ruling was if sevco and SD had not reached agreement by the 23rd then it would go before a judge on the first available court date after that ,and the court dates don't open again untill oct1st

james doleman on twitter follows all the legal stuff