Brexit Means Brexit: The Odyssey of a Great British Idiot.


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Thought it wiz Broony's fault! 🍺 🥳
You've got to read the threads on this MD, it's fucking Dumb and Dumber meets Brexit. Idiotic genius 😂

For those not clued up on Twitter, Click the tweet, click 'Show this thread', you'll get so far down and then you'll have to click 'read replies' to get the rest of the story. (y)
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I like the cut of this guys patter.
Prize medal for the debate team.
Bit of a wanker, on the few occasions he has an answer he requires. Says ok and moves on 😁 I like that.
His political arguments I have thourghly enjoyed.
I love his interaction with the public.
The only thing I would dare go toe to toe with the well read gent is food standards.
He had a wee dig at auzie beef. There were questions over EU standards of food supply.

I've posted before that I've worked in the food industry for years. The shit that's served to the unsuspecting public is horrific.
Every company I've worked with that are branch owned chefs are horrified at some of the quality they have to dress up. Private owner on site ownership places are worse with corner cutting. To give perspective the highest main course in a place I've been in Is £60. It's not top of the tree but high enough.
Id quite happily have auzzie beef in a kitchen than some of the stuffing seen.

The 75% gp restaurateur target in the UK for food places grounded our food quality.

With our land and climate we can produce wonderful exportable food of the highest quality.

That's the simple part.
Toffs can't and haven't set up the business links and development in that industry. They can't do it in every industry that props up an economy.
The SNP didn't have the proper game plan. The Tories went one further and didn't have it. Labour lost it completely

Time for a can

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