Bring Back the Tennents sixes

Bellshill bhoy

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Ah, that’s a great memory, all the kids loved it, looks like all the players enjoyed it to, I’d like to see it return, as usual it would all be about the money, was there not also a veteran’s 5a side tournament, there’s more chance of that happening, especially if they were getting paid in cans of tennents....🤣


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Gerry Creaney, I had totally forgotten about him. He scored a good amount of goals for us then he just kinda disappeared. Whatever happened to Gerry Creaney?
He was a frustrating player, had the talent of scoring difficult goals very easily but would then play utter shite for number of games. Had a good partnership with Tommy Coyne. Bit lightweight at times as well given the immortal shout from The Jungle,

"Creaney!!! You'd be fuckin' fantastic if you had studs on yer arse, son!"


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Who used to watch this.....

think with the costs of players and the higher risks of injury with indoor games, I suspect it will not get a recall for mainline players, at least.

A recently retired player competition like the masters might be good but it probably doesnt pay well enough to attract a regular set of players with other commitments though


loved the tenants 6s when I was wee

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