Bring Gordon back for Valencia.


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Surely Bain has shown that he is capable of manning the nets after not putting a foot wrong recently. What better time to introduce him to the buzz that the Euro games bring and see if he can maintain a shut-out against a quality team. He deserves it.
The defence has shown a lot of composure and confidence in the last line of defence! Bain can find a player if he needs to kick out ,Gordon can’t or puts the ball out,why should we change a solid hope to hell BR does not ‘tinker’don’t know where big John is getting this from ,as far as I am concerned no way ,hh


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Bain might get the first leg, as we'll expect to be more in possession and building attacks.

Perhaps Gordon for the Mestalla - backs to the wall, busy top quality shot-stopper with experience required who's been through it before.

Above dependent on whether or not we'll have a chance of progression, of course.

Just a thought.


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Stick with Bain. He deserves his place and it’s a kick up the arse Gordon needs to get him to work in his suicidal distribution. That’s why he is out, and rightly so. If he was to do the same against Valencia they will score.

A lot of pressure will be on Bain, if he fucks up he’s out and will not return. I hope he can put up a good show. I like him, but, that’s not enough to keep the jersey, he needs to earn it.


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John Hartson, on Celtic news now, says Gordon should be brought back for Valencia game ????????trying to get my head round this, what exactly has Bain done WRONG,what do you guys think ?????hh
Bain has done NOTHING wrong He has lost 1 goal this season back in August

I believe he has established himself as our No1 I feel 100 % comfortable with him between the sticks

At 28 he has 6 or 7 years on Gordon and looks to be the future for our Club in the GK position