Can the Huns really survive this


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Spot on takes years to learn the have to 'be ready' for the 'shot'...and it ain't easy...sitting for hours watching the behaviour helps....sometimes you get lucky...its all about light..and light direction...and of course the subject doing what you pray they do.....good pose...good Background....good head angle … goes on....

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jezo mate
yer pictures do the talkin and would sell there self , all you need to do is turn up , they're stunning, youtubes a free platform stick your fileup and watch yer feedback plus you can earn good money on youtube and endorsements


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That's the magic of it, Kelly. In spite of everything going on around us, there's a wee bit of natural beauty that's helped take our mind off of other things.

This has been a great way to spend the evening.

Thanks for sharing, lennono
aye thanks for sharing

It's seeing pics like that make us small timers put our cameras away n look out the windae 🤣 🤣 (y)

,really glad nae cnt came back to me with a btsport 3 link (aye ye know who you all are )


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Huns radio praising the tories earlier for the input of volunteers and nurses to return and the praise for what they have been done, this is not because the tories want to or that this is what they do in times of need, they know they fucked the NHS and Karma came callingto let these bastards know the result of neglecting the most importan service that was ever created.


NHS crisis: 200,000 nurses have quit since Tories entered government
Labour analysis comes as shadow health secretary pledges to reinstate bursaries for nursing degrees and invest in staff training

More than 200,000 nurses have quit the NHS since the Conservatives entered government, with three-quarters of these prior to retirement age, new analysis shows.

Across the NHS voluntary resignations have risen 55 per cent since 2011 and 163,094 nurses left the NHS early, figures compiled by the Labour party show.

Labour said the analysis, which has been verified by the impartial House of Commons Library, shows “staggering” numbers quitting because of Tory austerity policies and their failure to address soaring retirements.

Across all NHS, staff poor work-life balance was the most rapidly growing reason for leaving; just 6,669 resignations cited it as their primary reason in 2011/12 but this rose 169 per cent, to 18,013 by 2017/18.

Resignations for health reasons have doubled, accounting for 4,234 people quitting in 2017/18. In total, voluntary resignations for any reason have shot up from 74,287 in 2011/12 to 114,870 in 2017/18.


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Got this wan last week....probably ma best flight photograph ever ....You hardly ever see this, never mind get photys :)

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One of the best natural world photos I have seen. Suspect it may be a mating ritual. Looks like Red Kites and if so it is probably even more unique. A definite once in a lifetime perfectly timed snap. It deserves a wider audience. Go explore. Good luck.


Great pictures lennono, but a monkey oot the zoo could take a decent picture nowadays, all you do is point the camera at the subject and press a button, it's probably a wee bit like someone firing a machine gun at something, you really cannae miss can you? 'cause at least wan bullet will hit the target.

It's the same thing wae photography just point and aim and bingo you've got a decent picture, a dozen or twenty or more pictures a second, law of average says your bound to get a good wan how can you fail?

The "art" left the art of photography a long time ago wae modern technology. but you've made a good effort none the less..much better than the usual daft pictures of cats and dugs we get oan here so cheers fur that.😊 HH

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