Castoffs lick it n stick it thread


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The Castore boys know that winter is coming soon and have requisitioned a few auld grannies to hand knit some warmer replica taps to pull the wool over the gullibillies eyes and edge poor Mehmet out of business.

Breaking: Mehmet Press Release

Mehmet Enterprises has just issued a press release stating they will take action against anyone suggesting their product is in any way comparable to Castore.....they refuse to be in any way associated with an inferior product.

Statement ends.


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Winter, would have been easier for Bolis girl to come here take the verbal promise to isolate and if she was negative when arriving no-one knew her she could have flouted rules and met in secret. The fact is Bolis destination was known, he was not filmed in Glasgow, he was filmed on touchdown to emphasise he was out the country. So it was setup, he IMO was doing the dirty on Celtic, he was away on a business discussion trip, nothing will change my opinion on that.
He would be safer staying here and doing what i described on the fly, he was not just recognised in Spain by someone, this was premeditated, and i believe the tipp off was from his agent and the reason, cause damage and hope to be slung out, free agent and deal yourself a new deal after the fine is paid for negligence in the workplace.
Fuck Boli and these type of players they are no different from the spam emails we recieve, promising us all sorts of promises, he has been found out and is not to be trusted, big PL will not be shafted he will simply take a return on him and be done with it, no sympathy here, Celtic is a way of life not a door mat to wipe your shite on and leave without cleaning or contributing to the cleaning bill, good riddance i say. Just my opinoin.
I agree totally but I also think he was mibbess put up to it sure he went along with it and will soon be on his way was hardly a KT replacement in the first place but I hope that he at least scored in Spain