Celtic (1) v Copenhagen (1) - UEFA Europa League, Thursday 26 February, kick-off 8pm - all comments here



1-1 is a bit of a strange one do you go all out to try get a couple of goals to kill the tie hoping you don't get caught out. It needs a measured approach against Copenhagen they need to chase the goal we just need to make sure they don't get it
We're at home ,you go out and batter them from the first whistle .As another poster said think theyll try n get an early goal then park the bus.We're a far better side so cant see us losing this and before anybody says remember Cluj ,that game came a bit too early for us.


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From Video Celts,
"Tonight’s opponents, FC Copenhagen haven’t lost more than one goal in their last 28 UEFA matches. "

they have only scored 30 goals in that time....these results include the earlier qualifying rounds against the chaff

Goals for 30 , goals against 18 - in 7 games out of 28, they have scored more than 1 goal..all against pish teams

In the same 28 game period Celtic have 48 goals for and 30 goals against

pretty even TBF.. we are one place above them in the rankings
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Those of a nervous disposition look away now........😱😱😱😱

If tonights tie goes to penalties, who from our team would you back to hit them........😱😱😱😱.