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'Highbrow' you say ?
Now there's an expression I've never used *snort *sniff...
Rambunctious, is the North American, way of saying 'pure mental' so as not to scare the villagers 😁
Thanls for the memory jog of University Challenge, from back in my formative youth, I remember watching the show with big Bamber 'shilling' as he was known in those days
Cheers mate, yes Beau was 'one off' his temperament was what endeared him to everyone, he was adored at the seniors centre, we visited every week, to brighten up the residents day Liliana's dog Charlie, is our Georgia's best friend
And this was him at Christmas when we had tons of snow
He's wearing Beau's old sweater as it dropped to -21 where they live
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Looks well chuffed way his dickiebow😂😂
Yes, he takes after 'moi' with style...'D' adjusts his 'cheetie bow' and puts on his spats
He tires our Georgia out with chasing, running about , which is a good thing, because she's not too interested in going for a walk the next day...'Good Boy Charlie'

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Georgia looks as if it’s rolling about the grass pissing itself laughing in that foto Dill 😂😂😂
Georgia looks as if it’s rolling about the grass pissing itself laughing in that foto Dill 😂😂😂
She's knackered mate
Her buddy Charlie comes over, and they run, chase, play,and wrestle with each other
Charlie is Liliana's dog, and after a visit with us, there's no need to walk either dog a long way, as they both sleep soundly the next day
Love all the photos of our pets
They help ground us and take our minds off a lot of the daily crap we deal with
Out on our walk today, we noticed that the Muni had been busy and had chopped down some cedar trees near the park, of course, Georgia loves finding sticks to carry around and play with

Muni have been hard at work...

These 'sticks' must be investigated

Always something interesting to check out


She blends right in with the wood

Love how her camouflage works in the forest

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