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Alright Stevie, listen to Radio Clyde and they are doing a dementia hour and asking people to phone in and give memories, guy phoned in there and spoke about his old man taking him to the game, he said the memories of the trains and tube etc, leading him to Ibrox the smell of the tobacco etc, but, when he got there he says i see John Greig and that strip, but he says further the Green pitch, i mean i had never seen green pitches, I thought must be from Larkhall.

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I listened to that last night and it was good ti hear some of the work these guys do, it's great and loved the story the same guy told of the Henrik Larsson photie brilliant stuff (for a change from that show) also remember my first time walking into park head through the boys gate at the Celtic end and under the concourse up the stairs to that magical sight of the playing field brilliant ☘