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Few weeks ago, beautiful weekend weather, our local park (100 yards from our house, the one with the duck pond that Beau loves to visit) was full, Saturday and Sunday, cars all over the place as the lot was full
Parties of 30-40 bbq'ing and partying, no masks, no social distancing, and one bunch of idiots took down the 'Social distancing' signs and stuck them on a park bench, upside down
If the Muni was smart, they'd stake the place out on a weekend, now that Summer's here, and hand out speeding tickets, DUI, etc
It's not rocket science
Now, we've got anti mask protesters in the streets, it's fucking madness
Anyone not following medical advice, should have their medical healthcare, suspended
They are putting us all at risk
*Soapbox put away
Stay safe D,lookafter you and yours,the stir crazies are emergin!

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