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Not sure if i posted before our attempts to take Jasper for a walk. Mental😹
Walkies? Aye right !
Cats hate 'walkies'
When we got our first kitten, my (ex) wife decided to get him a wee collar and leash and take him for a walk
I watched as off they trotted, him doing what Jasper is doing, in that photo, he was like a calf being roped and rolling all over the place
Eventually he right himself and off they went again, for another ten feet, before he decided "Fuck it" and lay down
She kept walking for a bit, then looked round to see our black kitten, being dragged along the ground, covered in dirt & dust, until she finally clued in and gave up
Good photo Stevie


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Another beautiful, sunny, yet cool morning, for our walk
He loves everybody and everything
I have to keep his leash on, as he's a water baby, and has jumped in the pond before, even though there's a big sign, saying not to :oops::rolleyes:
Hope you are all having a great day, and roll on the weekend
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Great pics pal. I'm off to Loch Lomond for the weekend in a lodge right on the water and I'm allowed pets so Jasper is coming but not taking him walkies😹