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Take him everywhere
He waits patiently for us to come out of the store, and everyone passing by says ""Wow, what a happy dog"
'Smiley Beau'


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Off piste again but i make no apologies. One of my all time favourites. Saw AC/DC at the old Glasgow Apollo when Bon Scott was alive. Awesome.😍
When I was a teenager late teens about 1981 use to go to a night club it was on the glen road in West belfast it was called The green briar great place music for all tastes mods rockers punks teds me and the mates were rude boys loved ska the beat madness specials selector all great groups. So the punks would get up on the floor when they played thier music. The same with the rockers the same with the rude boys also the new romantics thier was no bad blood it was all good crack.but at the end of the night they would stick on a whole lot ta rose by acdc everyone got on the floor a great memory. Thanks for putting that up stevieboy.

Bellshill bhoy

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Bon Scott - a fellow bridie boy, born in Forfar! This song and the Violent Femmes are my ringtones. What a tune!
He was born in Kirriemuir, they have a 3 day bonfest every year, been to a few, always have top quality AC/DC tribute acts flown in from all over the world, there also a statue in the town