Celtic should call off the game


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Jeezus!!! If games are being abandoned coz of racist chanting, think it would be more than appropriate to call of a game for attempted murder! Hope the Bhoy survived. Even if they did call it off, our fans are still going to be around Rome for next day or so.
Shocking nazi scumbags. Stick together out there lads YNWA🍀


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Nazio scumbags cheap wee gangs cheap wee backstabbing bastards hit and run.
Stay Safe all Celtic fans.
Uefa time to start worrying about Supporters of Football clubs the ones that pay.
not Fans who support Fascism or who hate because they’re Racists. Life more important
Than your bank balance. Sorry how stupid it’s money that matters to you.
Stay Safe Bhoys Mon the Hoops

HH 🍀

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