Celtic should refuse to take the field on Sunday


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They call us fenian cunts I am happy to be called a fenian cunt, I really am so who gives a fuck the huns are out the cups thanks to the saints and even a Saint stopped sevco winning eufa Cup thank the lord thank the saints
Many a time i'd reply wanna explain what a fenian is ,,,,silence ,,,,,they can shout it but the stock answer you'd get is ,,,,well eh ,,,ur wan,,


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The fact we have no crowds at the games leaves the subs and coaches in a position where they have to be very careful when a decision goes against them or the opposition score as every word is heard due to the fact it echoes in the empty stadiums when they shout out and is heard fully from everyone around, so i am sure Zander knows who it was, exactly what was said and has witnesses to confirm it, the 4th official would have heard every word and could have {should have }been approached to report the matter, the question is, why wasn't he, why didn't he speak with the Huns manager to warn him against his players remarks. answers on a wee small post card as this cant be highlighted to the SFA DUE THE FACT ITS SLIPPY WHO IS NOW A SOLDIER OF THE ANTI RACISM ARMY.

seven past niven

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The st johnstoe videos just banter ,,,,what are yeez like ,,,,,,obsessed

a club historically built on bigotry where eggs benedict ,green straws ,green peperami , and work mens green saftey hats all band from the place where a director was also on video singing the Billy boys

if they could change the colour of the grass they would
they tried to import kentucky blue grass many years ago but were refused permission

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