Celtic sites, Twittertwaty and making rumour stuff up.


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TV1 I've got a source deep inside Celtic park who passes fantastic inside info...if you set up a monthly subscription to me I'll happily allow you to access my content...for £5 a month I'll tell you something and for £10 a month I'll tell you something and something else....I'll give you this for free....to settle your nerves a wee bit....we are definitely maybe in the market for an experienced OR up and coming star who defo plays in a position on the pitch. He OR she is a well established possible project future star. Who will walk straight into the team or go on loan.....probably...now get that PayPal set up and get all the inside news 1st....or 2nd or 3rd depending on how quickly I can read Phil, JJ or Celtic Blog. 😁
Hod me back, cheap at half the price. I knew there was a beacon of truth out there and you were in my top three. Take a bow. I’m fillin up here. :)


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I sympathise about the 'need' to search for info re. new signings - but 99% of these sites are simply clickbait , enticing in supporters of all persuasions in order to up their advertising revenue .

I mentioned previously that the 67HailHail site and Rangers News has the same writers on both sites - and was blackballed by them for pointing this out .
It is difficult , I know , but we have to be patient and wait for some official news of actual signings or else , as you say TV we would end up neurotic ( correction : more neurotic ) than we are . lol !

You did well pointing out the 67HailHail site.

Because of you I won't go near it.

Spread the word (y)


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Thanks Imatim !
Ditto if anyone else smells ordure when they check out some of these supposedly fan/club sites .
I don't think there is any agenda to them - other than making money , but people should be able to take a site at its face value . I hate this type of deception !