Celtic v Dundee, Saturday 16th September at Celtic Park, 3pm kickoff

Welcome Celticfish: you've made a good choice, The Noise is definitely the plaice to be. Can I have a guess as to your favourite player....Liam Scales perhaps ? Or what about the legendary Steve Guppy ? Even further back in history to a player who played for Glasgow's other big club from down Shawfield way ...Harry Haddock ?

Seriously though, you'll find we enjoy a bit of banter which sometimes raises the temper slightly; just don't be lured into taking the bait. And never perch on the fence.

The one thing we all share though, is the passionate hope that we keep on winning...and don't flounder.

Ano, ano, am away noo !

Off tae a better plaice are you pal…
Hello everyone ☘️I'm new to the noise good score yesterday and big 3 points now it's time to get ready for Tuesday night and hopefully pick up points
WECLOME to the noise CF...I have no doubt that you'll get hooked in no time, and have a whale of a time, some will try to bait you, and some will school you, on the evils of LED lights and such...but all in all you will enjoy the banter HH
I've been saying the same about Turnbull since last season and even took pelters for my opinion from a fellow Noiser.

He hasn't got the dig, shirks tackles and doesn't move the ball forward quickly enough resulting in the whole game being played at a pace that's better suited to walking football. Hopefully the appearance of Reo will have opened BR's eyes but then again maybe it won't as he seems to have a Turnbull crush.
What really struck me about Turnbull around the 40th minute I think was just his apparent loss of focus.
Can't mind who it was Taylor maybe looking for a forward run to make a pass but Turnbull remained static and had the Dundee defender right on his shoulder it was infuriating to see, screaming out move! Taylor had to send it back across the back line and recycle the ball as a result of this lack of movement.
Hatate knows when to move and when to stay put but he rarely allows the defender to get so close and makes the runs when there's nothing on which pulls the defender with him and the domino effect begins, he makes things happen just by doing this and how Turnbull hasn't yet learned from the workrate of his fellow team mates is astonishing.

His shooting technique is perfect but he simply has to muck in with the hard work we cant have luxury players in the fixtures to come, I'm thinking hopefully Rodgers will reverse the situation and Turnbull will replace hatate once we've done the business in games.
His contract is up for negotiation i think this year , Rodgers seems to like him but he has to work harder.
well...that was disappointing eh
Let's just say friend...this was my face while killing that 8-legged fuck:


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