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Those bastards going all out the get eddy sold. They know their team are fucking gash and are trying to disrupt. Lawell please offer him whatever it takes, we qualify for the CL he plays great and we get a double payout for him next year. I hate being reduced to hoping, but right now I'm hoping like fuck.
Edouard dosen't settle for mediocrity
but snakes do



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Interesting that


have removed Michael Stewart from tv to appease another team and then also put a former player from the same team in the anchor seat. There’s pandering and then there’s this.

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You pay a tv licence that pays this guy’s wages, yet you are paying for this tax fraudster whom the BBC employ knowing he had committed tax fraud.
when in trouble the bbc will bail you out


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Frank's a good friend of mine.. cracking guy
Hes thick. Nice guy no doubt and I loved him.as a player, but, if you're a pal tell him to stop giving sevconians a boost by getting at Eddy. We have enough cunts doing that. It played into the he wants away shite. I was totally fucked off with Frank for that shite. In fact we all are. Hes going to get flack and he fucking deserves it.

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