Celtic v hamilton thread

Bridie Bhoy

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Seeing as I'm on holiday, I'm feeling fairly optimistic. I've gone 4-0 to the good guys. A tight game early on with Elyounoussi breaking the deadlock. Jamsie Forrest to grab a couple (and still be slagged off) and Klimala to score late on.

I've gone for sn overly optimistic win for the sheep versus the Forces of Darkness. Aberdeen will miss Cosgrove and their fans who really get tore into sevco and give their players an edge against them.

This is the beginning of a very historic season for us. Enjoy it folks as this is one of the most enjoyable reasons why we support our futba teams.


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No something anybody should've been doing regularly 26. Seen 1 or 2 people who ended up a bit tuned to the moon because of that. You maybe had a higher tolerance for it or just got lucky.

People with my pharmacological profile generally don't go on to live happy, productive lives so I've been very lucky in that regard so far. It's not a journey I would recommend.

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