Celtic v Hearts - Wednesday 12 February, Celtic Park kick off 7.45pm - all comments here


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Breaking News : South side of Glasgow currently in lockdown, reports of a major ongoing incident and absolute carnage on the streets in the Ibrox area. Police have refused to comment at this time but eyewitnesses describe scenes of complete devastation with unconfirmed reports of some sort of giant creature emerging from Ibrox Stadium......

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They’ve gone full retard over on swallow swallow 🤣🤣🤣


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From swallow swallow....

"So disappointed why the fck Gerrard couldn’t change it after an hour is beyond me.

Everybody could see it coming he just stood there and let it happen. It’s just the same as last season when we get close we don’t seem to be comfortable.

Something is badly wrong somewhere with a a seemingly inherent inability to adapt and change tactics and Alfredo is way off the pace and looks overweight to me.

We need a miracle now."

We've been telling you that slippy's pish and freddo is fat for months, you didn't listen silly Billy.

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Just turned on sky and not a jot about us or the scum but cover all other Scottish games, goes around the other 3 games with empty stadiums.. I’ve cancelled sky the shower of c###s, Celtic better keep up their ban and they’ll fuck off back to england and BT will come back and give us proper coverage
Think Hearts will play the in your face high press and the team should be able to pick them off like they did at Tynecastlr
Brilliant think as you say ban them fae Celtic Park, trash ,there in a love way the Stinkies always have been and always will be one thing for sure won’t get any cash 💰 of me ,the thought of giving Boydshenkco and others money out my pocket turns my stomach plus they treat us people north of the border like shit, as the great man Fergus once said not one brass dime would these people would get out of my trousers I can get bye without Sky in my life I think they think people can’t do without it,as I say trash for sure ,the way treat our club our fans ,just want your money for me nae chance, 10iar that’s for sure


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I turned the hun game on with about 5 to go, just as the gruffalo scored and I thought "fuck it I've cursed it again!" Then it was chalked off "ya fuckin dancer"
Then Killie scored and I thought it was a replay of their equaliser, then I saw slippy's furious coupon, then the score changed to 2-1 "party!!"
Nearly worth missing the Celtic game for! 😹

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