Celtic v St Johnstone LC Semi-Final.


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After last Season we can't take anything for granted. However, I am confident we can do this despite these injuries.
This is Anges first taste of Hampden and I'm sure he will relish it. If we are on our game we are unstoppable. They cannot sit behind the ball but I expect them to do just that to try and frustrate us, an early goal for us will make that impossible, lets do this, for Bertie.

John nó

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Be fairly confident that the whole squad will be up for this game big time, with a hansom win being the only outcome.
In such a strong position now to deliver the 1st of many trophies under Ange reign and with the strong team spirit within the squad now, I really can't see how we are going to fail to deliver now
3-0 Celtic


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In any normal set of circumstances, we turn up as we’ve shown we can recently, we win.
The MiB is the anomaly. Especially the MiB we’ve got.
As far as our opponents in the final are concerned if we do get there, best to take it for granted it’ll be Sevco, Hibs are beaten before a baw is kicked, They’ll be down to 10 inside 30 mins and a pen down as well such is the “unbiased” approach taken by the officials in Scotland.

Bridie Bhoy

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I think St J have a couple of strikers out injured which is maybe just as well seeing as we have yet another CB injured with Welsh being hurt on international duty. Will Scales play next to CCV in the centre of our defence?

Let's get tore into them and get a nice early lead. This game is just about getting through but it would be wonderful to get a brilliant exciting performance as well.

We have the usual tough run of games coming up thick and fast over the next few weeks so we need to get key game-winning players like Forrest up to speed as soon as possible.


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Excellent point. And to think back to last season when we didn't have the depth we have today, it's good to know we can easily manage.

Zander Clark always seems to have our number, but I think we can prevail against them as we did earlier in the season. As for Huns and Hibs, who cares?
I have always liked Zander Clarke as a keeper and would love to see him at Celtic Park.


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Will probably be the usual war of attrition against St Johnstone and their 5-5-0 formation but we should have enough to see us through (like the recent league game at CP).
St J have won 11 successive domestic cup games, bagging 2 trophies, which is a remarkable achievement. When these sort of runs end they tend to do so in spectacular style, eg. Hearts beating us 4-0 to end our 69 game unbeaten run in 2017.
With that in mind I think we will win 4-0.

Team as per Dundee game with maybe Forrest for Abada to start.
After Bankier's AGM comments re. Walsh, (the "referee" and part-time currant junior's coach) the spotlight will be on him and his dark arts. Hence the honest mistakes are likely to be less controversial, a la Madden at Pittodrie, when all an Aberdeen player had to do was fall to the ground for a free kick award.

Last season's most successful Scottish club are likely to be quaking at the prospect of facing Scotland's biggest club and CD will likely park the bus and try to frustrate/niggly foul at every opportunity. I don't expect a classic, or St J to come out if going a goal down until late on. God forbid they go one up!!!

I'll go for 2-1 Celtic with the opener coming from a set piece.

Ring rusty Hibs will no doubt be up for making it a green & white final. If they play to their strengths, (leave Porteous in Edinburgh) The Rangers are there for the taking, depending of course, on just how even handed Clancy is on the day.

2-2 aet Hibs win on pens after the Hibs goalie makes it 3rd time lucky against Tavernier Pen ........please

John nó

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Walsh will not give a toss, the refs these days are so blatant when it is anything green.
That fact that he was selected speaks for itself.
Ange gameplan involves keeping hold of the ball and being patient on creating the openings for goalscoring opportunities, which is being fairly well delivered to date.
We can't recycle the ball as quickly as he would like due to the influence the the mib's like to give the oppersition the easy get out of jail card, but we should give credit to Ange and the players for being far smarter in the way we recycle possession of the football by forcing the mistakes more so, to make the cheating mib's less relevant within the game.
Believe it is starting to work nicely now, so our better footballing skills will shine through in the end

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