Celtic v St Mirren - Scottish Premiership Saturday 30 January, kick-off 3pm - all comments here


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Canny watch this torture anymore, and I don't blame anyone else either. Astonishing the change this season. Lennon & co should be jailed for treason.:mad: Absolutely sick of the sight of that prick now. Do us all a favour and FK OFF


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I stuck by lenny for an age but if theres any of us out there who still believes as he believes that he's the man to turn things around then they must be as deluded as he is pathetic performance, questionable substitutions, no cutting edge, no vision for a through ball 100% pathetic 👎


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"i thought for an hour we played well against a 'very good st mirren side', the players gave their all and i thought Duffy was outstanding. two defensive mishaps ultimately cost us dear. i dont know whats going on? they were all different class in training and eddie scored 4 but today its as if they were frightened to express themselves. The referee was shocking and the pitch didnt suit out fast passing a movement. This morning, my tea wasnt the best, it was weaker than usual and that could have possibly been a factor. Also, on the way to the ground, i filled my car up with regular leaded instead of super unleaded so this never helped either...Also we were missing Ollies drive as well..and the grand national will be cancelled as well..Who do you think will win the darts?...I will never quit"

Neil Francis Lennon - 30/01/21 17:00hrs, La la land

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