CELTIC v VALENCIA - all comments here

As long as we don’t get humiliated both legs am genuinely ok way getting beat one nil,,one nil,against a quality side,,don’t swallow this shite about tiredness and league positions!!its Valencia,,if we were to beat them that would be it for us,massive team next??only cunts happy would be the silent ones(lawell,dermot,counting there loot,,,no we’re to be seen when we looking for guidance over treatment of our staff...lest we forget🐀
Bang on mate. HH


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jist seen this.
Celtic named as 21st BIGGEST club in world... but Rangers not on the list
CELTIC are the 21st biggest club in the world, according to a list put together by France Football.
who would even imagine sevco would be anywhere near the bloody list!!!!!
Yet we have all that qualification caper to get through to join the 20 ahead of us.


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We WILL score against them on Thursday.. Just hope we can keep them out..but really looking forward to it..it's great still being in Europe..love these games...the new guys will love the atmosphere...was getting a bit fed up play in St Johnstone nearly every week...so roll on thursday.


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I think we should gamble on there being more than the usual quota of homosexuals in the Valencia line-up and fire up the disco lights into full 70s Studio 54 mode just before kick-off with Gloria Gaynor booming out; let's see if we can get some of them dancing themselves dizzy...


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I reckon our Post New Year form holds us in good stead and ensures we shouldn't fear any opposition

7 straight wins 21 goals scored to 0 conceeded is a pretty good average no matter who we attained it against

With our new additions I feel that it's going to take a very good side to get the better of us and the longer our momentum continues
the more difficult we will be to overcome
Yes has to be number one aim,pity because if we had taken our full points from m’well 1-1,and from Hibs 0-2 two of the worst performances,could have had breathing space, still, who knows,hh
The 2-0 defeat to Hibs was just us playing badly
The 1-1 draw with Motherwell was a travesty of justice



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I can’t see us winning either of the games, especially with a makeshift defence that might include Hayes. This isn’t StJ, this team, regardless of all the shit they are spouting are very good.

My hope is we don’t do the rabbits in headlights routine and find it difficult to pass a baw five feet. If we play as well as we did against Leipzig we have a chance. The team being without KT, Benkovic and Rogic will be depleted. We have nothing to lose as no one really gives us a chance. As long as we put up a show and play, I will be happy, anything else is a bonus.

Sunday against Killie is a game we must win, and we will, regardless of Thursday.
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One game at a time.Get this game won Celtic and show the rest of Europe how good
a team we have become,The league can also be won with us playing in Europe and we have coped well this season so far with our injured players most of them are back now and it's about time we put on a European performance for the fans to love.🇮🇪


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Our history our support,1967 Jock Stein,wee Jimmy and so many more that Celtic have given to football,if you sat down and thought about the players that passed through Celtic through the years Kennny D one of our more famous Sons and for all the right reasons,when they play Valencia tomorrow night they will take that history on to the field with them God what's not to be proud of

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I'm looking forward to this game and will be until 5am watching it. Valencia are a top European team, recently drew 2-2 with Barca. I've a feeling we'll give them a good game but I'd be amazed and delighted if we get through. I've a sneaky feeling we'll lose in a close game at Parkhead but manage a draw in Spain. Thankfully my predictions recently have been shoite so who knows!