Another great night troops. Ajax away, Chris Suttons header that was harder than most peoples shot. What a fuckin goal!

That was some game
Big Sutty was 'on it' all night and Didier Agathe, well, he could run for fun
Bobby Petta took a lot of criticism at times, but he was a good player and a nice guy
He's never forgotten that 'Once a Bhoy...always a Bhoy"
i remember getting to Paradise and finding my seat was the nearest row to the away support.
Being easily offended and a drama queen, enjoyed the fact the facists went ahead then we fucked them in the last minute. They weren't allowed to leave for 15-20 minutes which we stayed for, just to gloat.

This one though, after giving them a right go at Old Trafford and losing by a goal, a shocking penalty won by a snakey diving bastard, whom only recently had the benefit of 20,000 supporters attending his testimonial. I celebrated his re-trial decision the cock. Anyhow, the 'biggest club in World, the best players incl Ronaldo etc, the greatest manager ever, ahem, the free kick, the last minute penalty save and the fact we were pretty average outwith Boruc/Naka.
Then to top it off, the announcement over the tannoy that we'd qualified for last 16, nobody had thought of it because nobody gave us a chance....