Celtic vs. RB Leipzig. All comments here.

Wild Rover

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Everyone was happy for us to drop players for the game in Germany how would you feel now if we dropped players on Thursday?.I know we have played a lot better since that loss and losing this game could put us out of Europe.In my opinion Celtic should go all out for a win in this game and that could go a long way in helping us through this group.


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We’ve got some players who we’re raving about because of the past few performances so it’s time they shone in a game of this magnitude if they want to reach the next level.The managers singing the praises of calmac but if he wants to get to the next level he has to stand out in this game.Last season he done well at home against zenit then disappeared in the second leg.Christie is looking good in Scotland so let’s see if he’s up to the challenge & also Benkovic.A victory would be great regardless of the score & would be good to keep a clean sheet.No mistakes,do the basics correct & we’ll be good.HH


Lets keep the side that have done the job over the last two domestic games! I'm feeling confident about the game. I think it will be a frantic affair with a few goals! 3-2 Celtic. I think Benkovic and Boyata give us a solid enough base to go out and play the way we have been doing against superior oppo!


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Think it's a good idea to keep same team cant pay much attention to them saying missing two key players like Celtic they have plenty of back up,the first half will be hard fought as they are aware that Celtic play a 90 minute game so will try hard to get an early goal,still think we will beat them 2/3 nil

Noah Billy

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Going to piss on everyone's cornflakes. I think it will be a draw or a narrow defeat. Wont b the first time we've been untouchable at home and not stepped up in Europe. Obv hope I'm wrong......
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I may crash and burn with this prediction, but I absolutely believe we will do them. I am not one of these people who say we will win every game. I feared a right tanking against Salzburg, I knew we lose in Liepzig, but what I saw of them and how we have progressed I know we can beat them.

Wether I do or not makes no difference, it needs the players to believe. If they had half the faith in their ability to manage it as I do, they will batter them.


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It’ll be a tight game, a lot of expection on the Bhoys. If we go in with the form we’ve hit lately it should be 3 points!
How we start will be the key.

Score early and might set the tone of the match.

Need to bolt the back door though as I reckon they will be playing a counter game plan to try to pick us off if we commit too many forward.


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I'm quite happy the way the midfield has been playing recently, Rogic n Forrestt in particular, Ntcham is a class-act n McGregor as grown into real player in last 18 months Going for 2-1 win for the Hoops' with hopefully Sinclair
thrashing in a goal HH


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we should compete in every game,we should try to win every game, the jersey does'nt feckin shrink!!!
Bang on we also do not pay players to lose or put that into their mindframe as we pay and demand a performance regardless of the outcome its all we ask.