Celtic vs. RB Leipzig. All comments here.

The Shamrock

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I just read comments from a German reporter. He absolutely nails it in what he says. The fans. The atmosphere. The culture. The tradition. Puts our so called sports reporters to shame:

“Sorry, Borussia Dortmund, sorry Besiktas, but Celtic Park and the Celts top everything that RB has experienced since its inception in 2009.The fans of the Scots live up to their reputation as the world’s best fanatics, driving their Bhoys in Green for 94 minutes to the deserved victory, celebrating every duel, profane interjections and corners.
“They also celebrate themselves, their loyalty, their songs. The history of the cult club, founded in 1888 by the Irish clergyman Brother Walfrid, looms over everything, the score is decorating accessories, the big picture more important.
“Celtic season tickets are traded like gold dust and carry the inscription: “A Club Like No Other"
A beautiful critique for a change that does indeed put our shower of so-called sports journalists to shame. They couldn't write such nice things if their career depended on it.

Wild Rover

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I feel the difference in our performance's is the fact that we have a team full of players who want to attack and help out at the back to start another attack.Players like Christie would be lost in a passing team.
Terrific to see how these guys grow with confidence when we score, Here's hoping we continue this form until the end of the season

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