Christiano Ronaldo

Spherical Planet

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Yeah even Roy Keane praised last night
Hes a genius
We all know RK speaks his mind
Dont know if this is true my mate swears
by it, when Ashley Young signed for
Man Utd he said something like
The only way he should be weaning a
Man Utd tap was to go n fking
buy one..

Back to Ronaldo he came across
Like a ok guy in an interview with
Piers Morgan,
when they show him unseen footage
of his dad 27 minute n he was looking for a
women called Edna who gave him n his wee
Pals left over burgers fae McDonalds
13 minutes. Google it.. how things change
In fairness, mate, Satan himself would come across as an alright guy if he was sat by Piers Morgan.