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Coco's dream has slightly changed this evening. Coco is replaced by Stewart's'
Serenade for the gullibilly Blue £. Hagit the Horrendous, is but the first in a long line of all conquering heroes to arrive at the Faildome. Or, as most enlightened folk would say, "Gies yer money ya MUGS"

Rangers MD Stewart Robertson has teased more transfer announcements "in the not too distant future".

The Ibrox chief insists the arrival of Ianis Hagi shows the club's board are ready to back Steven Gerrard in the summer market.

He believes Rangers ' recruitment department have been working harder than ever ahead of a high pressure campaign.

Gerrard will look to assemble a squad capable of halting Celtic's push for Ten in a Row and Robertson insists he will be supported all the way.
Asked if Hagi's signing was just the start of backing Gerrard, he told Rangers TV: "Yes, absolutely. We were delighted to secure Ianis on a permanent deal.

"You could see in the few months he was here what a great addition he'll be to the squad and what a great asset he'll be to the club.

"As Ross has said, a lot of work has been going on through the COVID situation. The work hasn't stopped.

"If anything, the scouting and recruitment team have been working harder than ever.

"And that's with a view to getting as strong as possible a team on the pitch for the start of the season.

"The scouting work has been extensive on that side of things and we're looking forward to some more announcements coming in the not too distant future.

Is that them won the corona scouting cup to

ffs ''they've been working harder than ever '' the whole worlds been in lockdown scouting on fifa 98 disnae count ,,,

michael duffy

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Get a balloon, fill it wi'helium,put it tae yer lips, and inhale!!!!. Ootside a pub, in an i.q far far away,a moron,surrounded by his fellow morons declares,"see ma ragers, we're back, we've signed a Rumanian legend,the last piece in the jigsaw,
we're gaun fur 55,Stevie Gee is a genius,whit a player he wiz,and wee Hagi,his da wiz a legend tae,Steven Davis,his grandson,is brilliant,
we're comin ah tell ye,see them,wi' their 9 in a row tainted titles,their invincible season, their treble treble, counts fur nothin,we were comin back,apart fae a couple ae hiccups against the two teams at the bottom ae the league, we wurr closin the gap,
haw, pass that balloon ower here,aahh,thats better,see them,wi' there Adidas trackies,nae class,we've got Castore,great taps,£200,pure class man, ma £25 voucher and instalments over 10 year and ah'll be a proud staunch owner, we arra peepul,
we're gonnae fight aw the way,we've got statements tae make,and a case tae take tae court,aboot sumfin,anyfin
Ah don't know why everybody hates us,everythin we dae is class,we bring joy everywhere we go,but the biased media tries tae show us in a bad light,apart fae,kris boyd,alex rae,steven thomson,neil mccann,derek ferguson,barry ferguson,billy dodds,ally mccoist,jim white,kenny mcintyre,ewan cameron,keef jackson,gareth mcauley,naebody has a good word tae sae aboot us,the media is pro Celtic,yon Chris sutton,and John Hartson,gie me the boak,
talkin aboot boak,geeza anurra balloon,

voice in the crowd,"hey helium guy,anurra balloon n' ye'll take aff"
see ma ragers,ah love ma ragers,vouchers,nae refunds,£50 tae go on a waitin list for a no refund season ticket,£200 furra tap,class man! we've got hagi!!!!!! gaun fur 55! 🍺 🥳


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I see Coco the coward praising sevcos director Robinson, giving him praise over bullying a woman and that's why only a couple of weeks ago Robinson was branded the most weakest guy in football, all bullies are cowards all coco clown can console himself with is this muppet maybe he should give gloryhole Gough a buzz


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Coco's conflicted mind Part 1. Or Coco canny make his mind up. Hell is only what you allow to give you, then, take away.

Saturday, 13 July 2019
Steven Gerrard now has an extraordinary 'self-inflicted' dilemma..

Earlier we discussed the ‘problem’ Steven Gerrard now has in selecting the best defence – who will partner Filip Helander – will it be Katic, Goldson, or Edmundson. Early results suggest fans are most keen for it in fact to be Katic, but it’s a precursor to the ‘problem’ we’re about to illustrate in this piece.

Sheyi Ojo has been stellar – some would argue our best player so far in pre-season, albeit the season is, naturally, very young. Steven Davis, Ryan Jack, Glen Kamara and Greg Docherty have all hugely impressed, but Ojo has been a real standout.

However, one man has been completely absent from pre-season until recently, and the amazing problem Gerrard has is that he normally plays in Ojo’s slot.


Scott Arfield’s triumphant return from the Gold Cup (he had an excellent tournament even though his Canadian troops suffered a shock exit to Haiti) has seen an astounding selection dilemma for Stevie to ‘suffer’ – arguably choosing between his two best players.

Ojo is a right winger, and thrives out wide while also coming in central to maraud – which is EXACTLY the same position that Arfield has been excelling in recently – he played deeper in the Gold Cup, as more of a conventional midfielder, maybe arguably even in the current ‘Steven Davis’ position, but for Rangers he’s been advance midfield as part of the front three.

Either way, it’s where Ojo plays.

But something has to give. Arfield and Ojo cannot both play in the same position, even though both have been stonkingly effective there, and it leaves their manager with a hell of a dilemma.

Of course, Ojo’s loan agreement will guarantee him games, that’s the nature of a loan deal these days. But given his form has been so excellent, it’s not exactly an issue of negative concern.

But where does it leave the outstanding Arfield?

Will Ojo and Arfield rotate for that slot? Will Arfield make way for the new boy? Will Ojo find himself benched a lot? Or will Stevie somehow manage to fit both players in?

It’s an astonishing ‘problem’ to have, and if Gerrard can find a way to accommodate both players and get the best out of them together, it’s one hell of a coup.

What would you do?


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Part 2 Filip. Coco is nothing else but conflicted and most certainly undecided.
Answering a question "Who's Coco" Coco was a clown. So the Ibrox Noise writer is lovingly named after him.

We’ve been receiving this question a lot from the readers on Ibrox Noise recently. The prognosis for new signing Filip Helander.

Signed in a blaze of fanfare for £3M from Serie A cracks Bologna, this Sweden international was portrayed as a certain starter and his CV was certainly of the highest order. With UCL experience with Malmo, and a tonne of Serie A with Bologna and Hellas, this was a signing who appeared slightly above the level Rangers could expect to secure, owing a little possibly to his injury history which wasn’t the best.

And since his two friendly appearances in the shirt (sub v Blackburn and a start v Derby), Helander has, well, vanished. And some fans are asking why.


There are two caveats here:

1: Steven Gerrard, on signing the 26-year old, clearly did state he was a few weeks behind. That was over a full month ago, and despite possibly being a lot closer to being ready, theoretically, evidently the stopper isn’t quite there yet.

2: He’s been reported to have taken on an injury since he arrived, or broke down in training. He certainly wasn’t in attendance earlier this month.

So, bear these in mind before you jump to any conclusions.

There’s also another slight caveat – while the Goldson/Katic partnership isn’t entirely tight yet and could even be called rusty, it’s still managing to repel most ambushes and where 3 goals in the last two games is not ideal, as long as the team is winning, it’s justified. And both current first-picks are individually playing well enough.

And Steven Gerrard today has confirmed Katic's form is a major reason for Helander's absence. Doesn't quite explain why it's only been Edmundson on the bench though.

But, this gets away from the point – Helander, over a month since he signed, hasn’t kicked a serious ball in anger yet. He’s had just over 90 minutes of football in 30+ days, and while we know his prognosis was to give him time, he wouldn’t be the first occasion we’ve signed an injured player.

We only just moaned about that side of Brandon Barker, who has also had quite a lively injury history, and after the Eros Grezda error we wonder just how much we’ve actually learned from that experience. And with Helander’s continuing absence we do find ourselves curious about the plan for him.

It’s not a massive concern for now. He’s well covered with Katic, Goldson and young George Edmundson seemingly filling in the gaps nicely. But he’s an expensive signing and we want to see a return on that.

We don’t want another Grezda or Lafferty here

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