The Shamrock

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He owns 25% of the stock with other family members also pushing for w.h.o to endorse this drug inreturn for U.S funding
Is there any pie that the illiterate Trumpet hasn't got his grubby little fingers in?

WHO won't be blackmailed by the likes of him into telling folk to buy this stuff.

Let's hope not too many people are listening to the lying fecker.


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So how the relaxed attitude panned out.
Herd immunity does not work because thety do not know if humans can become immune to this virus,it is non comparable toother viruses, Trump is claiming to be taking his own medicine to avoid getting the virus, how can you take something when you do not know what the illness is, you suss the illness and then create the medicine, this is not a game of it looks like, feels like, lets take this then. FFS need to get scientists in charge and keep bankers out the way.

michael duffy

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Wonder protection from...........Pure Pap! don't think they thought it through,it also fights ........mildew!!!!!! 🍺 🥳