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Putin....Russia......corrupt cheat, genocidal murderer, personification of pure evil.

XI Jinping.......China.....typically evil, wicked oppressive tyrant, corrupt and despotically cruel.

Bolsonaro......Brazil.......bullying, ignorant abuser of his own people....wicked beyond compare.

Boris Johnston.....England (oppressed UK)......Lying, dirty, (doesn't wash) ignorant and flagrant attention seeker, anti Scottish bigot.

Trump......United States......Lying, cheating, abuser, of megalomanic proportions, troublemaking, narcissist, calculating user, wicked intelligence used as a tool to deceive and relieve the adulating hordes of their votes being of a far less mental stretch and level than himself......

The whole world is ruled by heartless, lying unfeeling scum without exception, and mostly 'put' into power by people of unsurpassed stupidity and insanely ignorant resembling the majority of their respective country's most selectively retarded people.

Can't wait for a meteoric armageddon....
Are those 5 making up the subs-bench at Sevco next season JC? They would blend right in at the Bumhole garden.
That's how Sevco aim to stop the 10? With those five and Hagi?

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Much as I will never agree with looting and plundering for any reason at any time, the current American riots hold a distant but silent justice with me.

The shocking stories of slavery, for over 200 years, from many towns in the UK, with huge involvement of ports like Bristol, Liverpool and Glasgow all contributing to slave passage from western Africa en-route to the American states rankle deep within me, no less myself as an emigrant to South Africa for over 4 years and a witness to many evil doings there during that time.

But, there is nothing more sure in life as reaping just what you sow, or living by the sword and dying by the sword, ......well I enjoy my holidays to America but though I am a white Italian Scot, I still can't help disliking most Americans, and virtually all of them white.
I honestly believe it is their own doing why that is.

The stealing and kidnapping of people......human beings.......from where they are born, happy and live, taking them thousands of miles away in chains, poorly fed on slops and left daily to ablute and defecate where they lie, for often months of travel, is abhorrently detestable, and unforgivable.

THEN........only to lord it over them for the rest of their lives on foreign shores, to end their lives there as slaves, whilst always at the beck and call of others at any time of the day or night!

There can't be a more disgusting attitude to fellow man than this, and all because of an 0.5mm thickness of their skin and colour.

Slavery officially ended in the states 155 years ago but attitudes towards coloured or black people still pervade American life to a large extent, so much so my wife and I got asked to leave a pub we often frequent in New York back in 2018, called the Perfect Pint on 43rd st and just off 7th ave.
It is directly across the street from Dempsey's Celtic bar.......however it was all because she asked the manager not to speak to the black dishwasher guy as if he was a piece of trash while taking his time getting the glasses out of the washer!
For the last 17 years he and the pub customers were our friends and we felt welcomed every time but no-one cared a jot about this embarrassed guy known only as Brent, and I am not sorry we pointed it out about the humbling treatment towards him.

I could go on about many other similar situations I've seen, but regarding America, suffice to say this was always going to happen again and again and on a more and more regular basis.

Black and coloured people still perform much of the more laborious and tedious jobs anywhere and this despite having the ignominy of 355 years of at first slavery and its resonant arrogance of psuedo treatment to date.

I'm surprised there are not yet placards held aloft at the protests engendering statements "kill the police" or "attack Trump and the state now" or even " if you use your guns, so will we and there will only be one winner"
... we can't keep treating people like this and getting off with their murder

......enough is this forum.....sowing the harvest.

PS.... a must watch.......'A House Through Time' David Olusuga's presentation of a shocking, heart-rending story of slavery and brutality from within only one house in 18th century Bristol... (continued BBC 2 Tuesdays' and on BBC iplayer.