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The SNP are not perfect by any means Shadow 2,but their handling of this,despite having their hands tied by the UK government and constant attacks through a compliant media,i think they have acquitted themselves well,time will tell
Naw I agree MD. They'll still get my vote but I do have some issues with the Party at the moment but those issues lie elsewhere and are not related to how they've handled this pandemic.

Shadow, my biggest fear back in the 70's,was a unionist backlash and the 'ulsterisation' of Scottish politics,seen this coming to pass with the 'better together' guff during Indy ref,seen it getting cranked up during brexit,when the cranking up of engerlish nazionalism,and now the weaponising of covid 19,the fastest growing terrorist threat in the UK today,is right wing extremism and its not going to ease off anytime soon,Celtic are seen as the sporting wing of the IRA, and we have SNP/SinnFein!,any non pro unionist rally is met with unchecked violent protests,anybody see where this is heading?,hope i'm wrong, but........
The 'Ulsterisation' of our politics happened a long long time ago MD, it was just more subtle and insidious in the past. Politicians of various parties have been playing both sides of the divide in Scotland for years, telling one side one thing while telling the other side the opposite to garner votes from both. For whatever reason we either didn't really notice it or chose to ignore it because there were more pressing concerns for people at the time.

I actually don't fear any meaningful Unionist backlash if we do decide to become independent though MD, aye there will be the hardcore of usual suspects and resistance from certain institutional elements but they're becoming more and more the minority in Scotland with every day that passes.


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You've got to love the irony of the Tory, Brexiteer and Uber-Staunch types who constantly bang on about the Blitz Spirit/Dunkirk Spirit/British Bulldog Spirit and the need to 'Keep Calm & Carry On' throwing massive hissy fits and wettin themselves about having to wear a piece of soft fabric over their faces every now and again 😕

How does that Churchill speech go again - 'We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight them on the beaches, we shall......aaahhhhhh mammy mammy I've got sand in ma shoe' 😭😭😭

And these c*nts call other people snowflakes ffs! :LOL:

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