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Easy just avoid anyone the fits in tae Manky Basturds category, locally yee usually know the hun basturds, avoid at all costs, mask stops yee smelling the manky hun basturds, yer own wee bottle of hand sanitiser means, yee don't have tae use shops in case a manky hun basturds touched it. Be prepared, STAY AWAY fae manky HUNS basturds, simples. 😂😂
😂😂😂 usually the 12 quid RFC chain and the red hand tattoo is is a give away not forgetting the help for heroes sticker 😂😂😂 you can definitely see wan a them comming


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Trumpster leaving the hospital, 'miraculous recovery' same as Boris! at death's door, then the two cnuts bounce out a couple of days later! ah smell :poop:
Aye an experimental drug as well, interesting how all the foreigners who went to west africa during them Ebola outbreak were all given experimental treatment that cured pretty much every one of them , not available to the west africans of course. We'll see it with this more often also.