The Shamrock

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A couple of weeks ago I called someone a maskless cunt in a petrol station, didn't mean to say it just came out. He looked quite surprised.
He might have had a medical reason but never argued his corner so I reckon he was just a maskless cunt.
I always want to say to folk on the bus who have their mask warming their chin or have their nose uncovered why the fuck are you bothering?

Tenerife tim

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With great difficulty. The crust on the Plain Bread heeler especially problematic TT. The crust gave me nose like fuck knows or maybes Daniella Westbrooks nose.
I know how you feel rich. I remember as a nipper getting a button aff my auld grandas army great coat stuck up my I sympathise with you. Especially if it was one of they warbuttons loaves. Haha.I'll get married coat Hh

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