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Anyone see those videos from China doing the rounds? Horrible, bodies laid on the pavement, on park benches, convoys of trucks spraying gallons of god knows what into the atmosphere, hundreds of people (they almost look like storm-troopers from star wars ) the way they were dressed , mass disinfecting the streets , and all this from a country whose had no new cases for days (aye right you are)


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Dyson the pro-brexshitter, re located his headquarters tae Singapore, the day after the result, company's that actually manufacture respirators have been dingy'd
The boris gave millions tae his pals tae build a feckin bridge,in London, while cuttin services
some bawbag, aye, Grayling, that prick, gave millions tae a company tae ferry supplies fae the continent after brexshit, when they did'nt have any phuqin ferries!!!!. that's 3 off the tap ae ma heid, and ah'm pished! if we say phuq all aboot this, we deserve aw we phuqin get! Gurrrrr!
Dinny worrie MD, he needs approval for them before he can start making them, plus British industrial Company's are making them. Dyson & his shit fucking hoovers can FUCK AFF. Tory donating scum, only reason the cunt wants tae help with ventilators is so he can keep the hoover assembly line working. The man's nowt but a CUNT!