Dallas Again!

the great jc

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.....don't do much in the way of visiting the bookies, prob about 3 times in my life though I do fully get odds and percentages from my school days, yet, I'm not exactly in the know of how or what to do when in there.
But having read most of the above comments can I run this by you guys and girls...... and I'm ready to be corrected.

If there's the likelihood that Duffy and Broony are both playing at some point can I ask the teller person if they will take a bet where I think each of them will be booked by ref Dallas at some point within the max of 94 minutes of actual football played.
Then say.... I put 20 quid on each player on that happening....or what is the consensus that is suggested on here?

Back to bed now but will be back on here in the morning if there's any further comments....

I really think there might be something in this from Etims by way of exposing the biased refs and hopefully a trend or spike in betting patterns opens up an enquiry into these 'easy to see through' 'black shirt' cheats.
.....also......with any public exposure coming out from the scheme suggested on here, it could get back to the referees and frighten them off from booking our players.
This likely will alert the bookies taking a hit with the regularity and the commonplace of our guys being unfairly booked......... and start them greetin'!!

So it may be.. a win from the bookies, a win exposing refs..... allowing Celtic's style to flow......and all round win, win win for us on the turf......
if I'm reading this right.

💚 🔟....😃😃

Night to you all.


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Some may remember that another MIB.....namely Bobby Madden was very subtly named by a blogger allegedly with close links to Peter Lawwell.....as having a major gambling problem.....just prior to us playing the Huns.....it was a shot across his bows.....warning him of the consequences of his actions should he get up to no good as he had previous history for.....which could quite possibly be construed as match tampering.....re certain individuals betting on certain events happening during the game.....Madden had a quiet game...

It’s time again to get after these MIB.....and the betting angle works for me...