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It really is shit or bust for them. All or nothing.
I know who my money is on. Waiting for the Rangers mark 3.
Some times it cannot come quickly enough for some, but, when it does it still tastes the same.
ROBBY and Ross McCrorie were pictured promoting Rangers Youth Development Company Valentine’s Day Bricks which are available to buy now.
They don't really think things through you imagine what is happening with these bricks if L2 comes calling.

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ian wright on radio 5 live "arsenal can't buy players due to ffp,you can only use earned income, the chairman can't throw millions of his money as it would breach ffp"
The same rules do not apply to the stinkies on the south side of the river.they have there own rules and nobody in Scotland questions it,so on they go will do what they want to do.Press and media never ever broach the subject fact


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Seems Sevco fans are doing work for rewards, such as corporate tickets, match tickets or a percentage off their season tickets. Due tae the fact the club can't afford to bring in contractors, The Peepul are that deluded they can't see the club are taking the piss out of them. Still don't know how they're going tae with the structurel steelwork issues in Broomloan, Copeland & Govan Stands, Wee Billy & Co canny sort that wae their work for tickets. Ha Ha
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