Diego Maradona..


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Perhaps the greatest ever footballer and a politically-astute champion of the oppressed. So sad for humanity that he died so young. A man with a history of cocaine use going on to coach El Chapo's home town team is a man in the valley of the shadow of death.
A man of unprecedented talent and a fine intellect robbed of his future by drugs. No doubt steered along that path by the employees of those who feared his opinions.
Slán Diego; imeasc na laochra an domhain
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That was no man that there was in footballing terms GOD bastards
Aye and yease can aw right books about him , there was the best player ever , don’t gies yer pele pish Brazil would win world cups without the great one , Argentina ,Napoli would huv won nowt and yes I know 1978 so don’t gies that pish the wee man was so good it was fuckin scary , long live Diego Armando Maradona even Jesus died


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Lot a sick cunts about .I see the ghouls who thought taking selfie’s with a dead man was a cracking idea ....two of them killed the other critical in hospitals as I said cracking idea
Wasnt one of them a child?
I was in Napoli a few years back when Diego was awarded the freedom of the city, he was GOD there, he was in the hotel next to us and the crowds stood for days chanting his name. He occasionally came out onto his balcony to acknowledge them, it was amazing to witness.
For me he was the greatest, there are a few candidates but that guys boots were like magical wands. A lot of the greats played with great teams, Maradona made average Napoli & Argentina teams, winners. RIP Diego HH