Dignity fc Albion car park


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Everything that’s not nailed down getting sold, Huns will be furious, losing they’re car park, Glasgow council trying to do the same to them regarding no parking within a mile of the stadium as they are at parkhead, strange how we’re trying to buy all the land available around our stadium and they’re selling theirs, shows how short sighted and in deep financial trouble their in....
[/yeah but who sold it was the hun or CLOSE BROTHERS for unpaid loan???


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Buy a bit of the famous Ibrokes Turf...plant it in your garden...have a wee bit of Ibokes in yer gairden...gawn cheep....But hurry up and bring yer wheel barry wi ye, before the Sheriff Officers turn up...

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I didn't think they had any grass left. I'm surprised the huns haven't gone for an artificial pitch so they can make it blue.