Dom McKay's Early Arrival


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Welcome news that Dominic McKay will be taking up his post earlier than expected. Think it's the clearest signal yet that the appointments of the new manager and the new DoF are imminent and we can finally put an end to all the speculation and get down to the real business of rebuilding this team and getting it ready for next season.

There's a lot of work to be done and McKay's early arrival is a good sign that this will be happening sooner rather than later.


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McKay is a professional and seasoned administrator and a Celtic fan. He knows that we have to finish second, we have to qualify for the Champions league and we have to skelp the huns and go on to win the Scottish Cup. We have to refresh the squad and give our full squad time on the park in our last matches this season. I'm happy if John Kennedy is the interim manager till the end of the season. But we need a confirmed manager ASAP and a DoF ASAP and a settled squad by July 1st.


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Any change is a risk but Peter has been way too long in the job. Lawwell has been great for us, yes his tenure saw some defeats, but overall a massive credit to the guy. That's not my opinion look at the trophies amassed.
Time, results and chance will tell if there is too much change next season. We are literally playing catch up with Sevco. And that is the club's fault. By club I mean from the most apathetic supporter, right to Desmondo.
I'm pleased at the appointment of McKay, simply because CEO needs new blood. Doubly happy that the new man has successfully helped Scottish Rugby, but in a low profile way. Makes it a Treble that the guy is a Celtic man.
Make mine a Quadruple Treble or a Double Honest 9.


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O well then

Ano 50, nae sooner had I started this thread the news emerges that McKay won't officially take up his post until July 1st and the new manager (whether that's Howe or whoever) won't be arriving before the end of the season at the earliest! See whit happens when ye try (not a fucking word Fisiani :LOL:;)(y)) to get a wee positive thread going! 🤬😂😂😂

Why is it that everything we do as a club has to turn into a fucking soap opera! :LOL: Hopefully McKay, the new gaffer and the rest are beavering away in the background getting things sorted even though they're not officially in their posts just yet...or are they....


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